Art With Me Festival Tulum Announces Art and Music Line up

Escape the Mundane and Immerse yourself in the Inspirational Universe of Art with Me*GNP in Tulum this April 22nd – 26th , 2020. The Multi-Disciplinary International Arts and Culture Festival enters its third consecutive year and promises to be more awe-inspiring than ever. This year will be composed of “six-pillars” that include; Wellness Programs & Workshops, Local and International Cuisine, Lively Musical Performances, Highly Anticipated Visual Art Installations, Renowned Photographers & Interactive Exhibitions, Children’s Programs & Ecological Awareness Practices, and much more. All of this within the surreal & mythical landscapes of the Riviera Maya. In a world where we emphasise productivity over health, global communication over personal connection & glamor over beauty- “Art with Me”- is an authentic breath of fresh air revitalising the connection between people, nature & the ‘interconnectivity of all things’.
“The ‘Art of Inspiring’ is something I have been involved in directly and indirectly for decades now. For certain, I know that I love being inspired as well as inspiring others. Inspiration is the engine behind just about everything I have learned in my adult life.”
Line up includes
Acid Pauli
Be Svendsen (LIVE)
Easy Stars All Stars
Feathered Sun
Gioli & Assia
Kerala Dust
Matanza (LIVE)
Oliver Koletzki, 
Pillowtalk + Tone of Arc
((( O )))
David Graziano [Founder]
With previous events garnering International Attention – one particular piece entitled “Ven a la Luz” by Daniel Popper went viral in 2018 and instantly made AWM an International Sensation. Through enabling the power of art, Graziano and the rest of the AWM staff aim to “use art as a lens for which to view all aspects of environmental issues facing our planet today.” With one of the festival pillars “Care with Me” – the event will raise funds for Environmental Protections in the region, educate both locals and foreigners about “Ethical Tourism” as well as inspire local businesses to take part in cultural initiatives such as beach clean ups, sanctuary sites & similar environmental programs.
According to international travel blogger Jim Dobson who covers a wide array of stunning artistic & wellness encounters; “Art with Me*GNP is a unique mix between “Burning Man & Art Basel.” This echoed by Kate Raudenbush – a Burning Man veteran – who will also be attending AWM this April.
Feel the music this year with a powerful lineup including artists like Acid Pauli, Easy Star All Stars, Feathered Sun to name a few. Experience works from the likes of Charles Traub, Sculptor Laura Kimpton, and Carlito Carvalhosa among other Affluent Artists. In terms of Wellness programs, you will have the privilege of participating in Mayan Clay Ceremonies, Plant Medicine Healings, Cacao Ceremonies, traditional Mayan sweet lodges and much more – a truly Immersive Experience that will leave a lasting impression.
Don’t miss this unique artistic encounter on April 22 – 26, 2020 in Tulum, Mexico. More information can be found on the Art with Me website where both tickets & hotels are available at discounted prices. For an unforgettable, awe-inspiring experience – visit Right Now.
Art With Me I GNP Presented by TANE is a 5-Day & Night International Arts, Music and Cultural Festival whose goal is to inspire us to be more connected to ourselves and build awareness about the environmental issues that affect us locally and globally. It is a community-driven festival that curates art, workshops & talks, music, wellness and cultural experiences and is building a platform to inspire change and foster awareness amongst attendees.
Founded in 2018 by David Graziano and Jorge Mondragon with a vision of how they could help Tulum by building a festival that would build consciousness about the sustainability necessary to protect the fragility of the region. David lives in Tulum full time and Jorge part time and both wanted to work with local businesses and people and tourists to bring awareness about waste management, noise pollution and black waters through building a festival that did not add to these problems but tried to help solve them. The numerous initiatives of Care with Me are at the heart of everything that happens during the festival and during the whole year.

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