Top Reasons to visit Essaouira This October

Morocco is beautiful country with lots of rich history.

One of the many jewels in its crown is Essaouira, a port city and resort on the Atlantic Coast. it was a hippie haven in the 60s — rumour has it Hendrix spent time here – and has stunning sunsets amongst many other great assets.

It has plenty going for it so we look at five of the most essential reasons you should go next to the obvious first one.

MOGA Festival

MOGA Festival is a stunning musical getaway in a desert location that runs October 11 – 13. It takes place in the unique and historic Essaouira, a port city and resort on the Atlantic Coast.  With a mix of local and international names all bringing the rhythms and plenty of rich culture to explore and names like Bradley Zero, Praslea, DJ W!ld, Louise Chen, Konstantin Sibold, Behrouz, Terekke and now phase two adding further quality with Amine K, Driss Skali, Kenny Dope, Marwan. Find out more on the website

Sports activities

Kite surfing lessons on the Atlantic sea are a great way to get your pulse raised but also catch a tan. You could also try quad rides amongst the endless dunes or a horse ride along the beach and surfing on the sea, all of which are available from a number of different places. 

The souks

These world renowned and super colourful markets are a must visit attraction. Head to Marrakech for the best offerings.  The square/souks can be overwhelming to see at first, so get a guide if you can as you will see some things you never would’ve seen if you try to navigate the souks alone.

Discover ancient Essaouira

Follow the lovely Atlantic coastline from Agadir to Essaouira for a full-day tour of the ancient city. Explore the town’s lively port, travel to the UNESCO-listed Media, admire the elaborate marquetry, and enjoy a tranquil stroll down the endless beach. A scenic drive, trip to the old port, visits to isolated beaches and more will part of your trip.

Museum visits

There are so many amazing galleries to visit you will never get them all done so plan carefully. There are those that focus on art, sculpture and pottery with Galerie la Kasbah, Galerie D’Art Damgaard and Centre d’art Le Real Mogador all top picks.

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