The Beach Boys at Bondi Beachfest LIVE review

The newly-appointed Bondi Beachfest sure pulled out the stops, with their first ever summer beach show this November 2015 boasting an incredible lengthy set from one of the most lasting and popular bands in music history. Who, you might ask? Why, the complete wonders that are The Beach Boys! And with a promise that the pop-rock superstar hit makers would be playing all their classic tunes, it's fair to say that I was pretty excited to see them to say the very least!

There’s no denying that as we head over to Sydney’s Bondi beach – quite easily one of the world’s most famous beaches, there was a stir of apprehension dancing in my stomach. Ironically, The Beach Boys, the musical icons of summer cheer, surfing and sunshine were playing the Sydney leg of their Australian tour on a day that, well… was absolutely bucketing it down.

However those worries soon evaporated as we hurried through the throngs of fans and into the arena. The Beach Boys hadn’t even taken to the stage yet and the atmosphere was buzzing pleasantly, made up of a surprising concoction of both younger and older fans, many already bopping away in preparation for the well-awaited show. And with the impressively stormy waves of Bondi setting a rather excitingly atmospheric backdrop, who really cares about the rain eh?

With a short and sweet introduction, the boys took to the stage donning colourful floral shirts, opening their lengthy set with their 1961 hit ‘Surfin’’. The hive of catchy melodies immediately prompted fans to start their boogying as the rain shed down on them. As I peered around at the crowds, I could see all was very well indeed, most completely ignoring the rain.

The first half of the show picked up for a fantastic start, with the boys treating fans to a string of hip-swingin’ hits such as the aptly-named ‘Goin’ to the beach’ and ‘Catch a wave’, the wonderfully enthusiastic ‘Dance, dance, dance’, and the soothing-sounding ‘Good to my baby’ and ‘Don’t worry baby’. We also saw the boys perform several of their well-known covers, including the likes of The Crystals’s ‘Then he kissed me’ and Lead Betty’s ‘Cotton Fields’, much to the joy of the audience.

‘God only knows’, easily one of The Beach Boys most popular hits was played halfway through the set as a moving tribute to former band members Carl and Dennis Wilson. As classic visuals were shown of the former bandmates, it was difficult not to feel choked up! A very heart-warming moment indeed.

The boys ‘Good vibrations’ caused the emotional atmosphere to shift, triggering, well, extremely good vibrations! Seemingly most of the audience were up on their feet to jig animatedly to the much-loved hit, making for a brilliant atmosphere.

And what came next proved to be a real even more of a treat. Golden hit after hit came rocking for the rest of the second half, including my personal favourites ‘Wouldn’t it be nice’, ‘Help me Rhonda’ and ‘Surfin’ USA’. It was almost impossible not to dance, and it’s completely fair to say the rest of the crowd must have felt the same!

The encore saw the set conclude with the wonderfully relaxing beach hit ‘Kokomoko’  and the ultimate dance classic ‘Fun fun fun’, paired with beautiful visuals of stunning bikini-clad model types and stretches and stretches of caster-sugar white beaches. And that song rather sums up the night – it was fun, fun, fun and the boys definitely proved they’ve still got it. An amazing night with the absolute legends that are The Beach Boys!

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