This was the 2nd Annual SURPLUS FESTIVAL & is a proper gathering of Souls! It's for EVERYONE & ANYONE!!
It's been described by the organisers as a festival for ALL;
This was a REAL old-school Festival where people were uniting, re-uniting & reliving the true Festival circuit from the past.
This Festival was REAL people doing it proper!!!!
FORGET all the corporate BS, It's back to basics. Totally happy people enjoying a great festival party atmosphere, watching festival bands that have been doing it for 20years or more, along with some new up & coming bands who fit into the eclectic mix of the whole scene!
SURPLUS FESTIVAL 2015 was small enough to be personal but BIG enough to be an EVENT!!!
We arrived on site on Thursday nite at 2am in the morning, after a long drive, but this didn't pose a problem, we were welcomed onto the site, & the way the site was set out it meant we could get onto the site, with the car/living-vehicle, park-up & then find ourselves an area to set up along with everyone else. The nice thing being that we were all in the same living area be you in a living-vehicle,car,teppee,bender or tent. Nobody was segregated off , & it was all still part of the Festival Site! We didn't even have to pay entry or show a ticket, no hectic confusion, just welcomed, let in & tat yourself down for the weekend!
The site was a great set up, 1 big great lush field, segregated off – Living-Area & Festival Site…..simple & effective!!!

It was located on the South Coast of Wales this year @ Porth Kerry, Cardiff! There's a great 2 minute walk to a stoney beach, with lovely views over North Devon, which was accessible to all festival goers.

THE SURPLUS FESTIVAL 2015 itself had 3 main Live Music Stages & everyone there was promoting a GREEN ENVIRONMENT with SOLAR POWER & RECYCLING & UPCYCLING!!!!!

It was a Dog/Animal friendly Festival , although they did ask for a small donation of £5 which is passed on to their chosen charity!!!!

The festival was set up as a Family-Friendly event, with a kidz area, Daily Workshops, Healing areas, Stalls selling Festival wares & crafts, Walkabout Entertainers, Live Music throughout the day & night & a shed load of Food Stalls selling an array of delights to cater for people with all tastes & eating preferences.
There was an acoustic music tent, entertainment of all types, fireshows & a communal Firepit for when the music wound down & came to an end & there were still many of us wanting to carry on the festivities. People gathered every night round the fire with acoustic instruments & sang, danced, talked & socialised into the early hours, & the fire burnt all day & night througho9ut the Festival providing a place for everyone to catch up.
People were catching up with old friends & making new friends creating a wicked atmosphere of unity, peace & pure happiness!!!!!

THE SURPLUS FESTIVAL 2015 was a 500 capacity festival,& for a 3 day weekend Adult ticket it only cost £50 & £15 for Teens & kids get in FREE!

The line-up of bands was amazing……..
AOS3 , RADICAL DANCE FACTION, CULTURE SHOCK, BACK TO THE PLANET, INNER TERRESTRIALS, LACERTILLA,THE SPORADICS, 3 DAFT MONKEYS, ATONOMADS, PRIMEVAL SOUP, ONE EYED GOD, KILNABOY,AFTERKOP, BUFF, A NOISE,TRIBAZIK & many many many more bands, playing throughout the festival on the 3 stages/tents!!!!There was always something going on that would keep you & your family & friends entertained, & as you were set up so close to the festival site going back to your living area & the festival site was not a chore, also leaving your belongings in your tents, benders, teepees, cars or live in vehicles unattended was NOT a problem! – the whole atmosphere & buzz of the festival & the people who were there enjoying the event were a friendly, respectful & honest bunch of people – there were no problems or unsavoury events all weekend, & no thefts or fights or problems of any sort!!It was a refreshing, happy, fun, amazing, friendly, family atmosphere!
It was full of happy people just getting down & having what we all know as an OLD SCHOOL FESTIVAL,all enjoying it, ALL TOGETHER!!!!

SO……A BIG BIG THANK YOU goes out to ALL of the ORGANISERS, PERFORMERS, BANDS & ALL THOSE INVOLVED in making SURPLUS FESTIVAL happen & also to ALL those who purchased tickets & went & enjoyed the event!!!

THE SURPLUS FESTIVAL 2015 was for US the BEST festival event of 2015…..& we can't wait for the 2016 event… keep a look out for SURPLUS FESTIVAL 2016 on FACEBOOK & don't miss out……….remember if you DON'T HAVE A TICKET YOU CAN'T GET IN!!!!!

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