BoomTown Fair’s May-Fair Avenue District Line up Announced

One of eight districts in BoomTown FairMay-Fair Avenue hosts Electro-Swing, Swing and Vintage Remix across its fully interactive and immaculately themed venues including The Ballroom and The Bandstand. Top of the bill for May-Fair are Parisian electro-swing superstarsCaravan Palace, the pioneer of chap-hop Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer, mash-up DJ collective Dutty Moonshine big band who lace bass heavy sets together with a vintage sound and many more.

On top of the overarching narrative to the event, each district has its own backstory and May-Fair’s involves a socially scheming husband and wife, Mr and Mrs Fitz-Sloane who pledged to uphold the area’s exclusivity by keeping out the riff-raff and ensuring that only the most well-to-do attend their famed Electro-Swing soirées! But things in BoomTown are never as they seem and as citizens step inside these glitzy façades the Fitz-Sloane’s true colours will be revealed…

Full May-Fair Avenue District Line-up:

Caravan Palace / Deluxe / Scarecrow / Dirty Honkers / Bart & Baker / Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer / Swingrowers / The Gaslight Troubadoursfeat. Professor Elemental / Odjbox / Brass Band Remix: Dutty Moonshine Big Band /  The Fontanas / DJ Tofu Vs Brass Funkeys / Trans-Siberian March Band / Grant Lazlo / Smerins Anti-Social Club / Too Many Ts  / Phil Mac / [email protected] In The [email protected] / Elle & The Pocket Belles / James Copeland / Don Mescal / Don Johnston / Big Swing Soundsystem Feat. Hypeman Sage / DJ Pony (Montana) / Kiwistar / The After Hours Quintet / The Underscore Orkestra / The Woohoo Revue / Formidable Vegetable Sound System / The Chicken Brothers / Jenova Collective / Rumba De Bodas / Louis Barabbas & The Bedlam Six / The World's Tallest Dj / The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing / Dr Schwamp /Jitterbug / Madame Electrifie / Mad Apple Circus / Alex Blood & The Diggers / Great Scott / Mr Tea & The Minions / The Rin Tins / Lounge Cat Ideals / Captain Flatcap / Rumpsteppers / Mother Ukers / Shambolique / Papa Shango / Freakeasy / Abaret / Swing Dance Classes

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