Blissfields returns in 2015 with Somewhere in Time theme

As Blissfields enters the halfway point of its second decade, the festival takes a weekend to look back over its 15-year history, gaze into the curious future of the universe and permits your imagination to run free. We invite you, and all tourists from the future, to the ultimate journey in traveling across the ages with Blissfields 2015… “Somewhere In Time.”

You’ll be able to explore Blissfields four-dimensional world featuring brand new and bespoke installations and artwork, plunge yourself into living, breathing and interactive festival scenery, bathe under the stars, join themed games and get a clear perception of humanity; where we've been, where we're going, the pitfalls, the possibilities, the perils and the promise. All realised in Blissfields own vision of inclusivity, of family, of art and wonder, of music discovery and hazy inconsequentiality.

Road To Blissfields

Before then, Blissfields is pleased to announce 2015’s Road To Blissfields shows where emerging acts will compete across the country to play a slot on the main event bill.

This year the emphasis is on quality more than ever, streamlining the heats into just three shows happening in Hampshire, the Midlands and London, with just those three acts going on to play for the festival next summer.

Confirmed dates for the shows are;

The Kings Theatre, Portsmouth: 9th April.

A turn of the 20th Century jaunt held in a secret room in the rafters of the venue.

The Monarch, Camden, London: 18th April.

A jovial step back in time to a simpler idea of summer – when the coconut shy was king. Followed by Soundtracks club night until 2:30am. 

The Sugarmill, Stoke-On-Trent: 25th April.

All bets are off as you’re exposed to the inexplicable future. 

Judges on each night will consist of the festival’s organisers and representatives, music writers and journalists, radio presenters, promoters and industry-heads. Winners will be decided on the night, and applications are open to any artist or band wanting to register at

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