Camden Crawl 2014 lineup completed plus app released

And now what you’ve all been waiting for…..with the line-up complete and only one short month until CC14 celebrations kick off at the height of British summer time, we are pleased to release not one, but TWO FREE invaluable festival warm ups to ready you for the 2014 Camden Crawl weekend on the horizon.

The Official CC14 App is the ultimate way to experience the Camden Crawl festival this summer. Taking place 20-21 June 2014, CC14 hosts more than 200 cutting edge artists, special guests, comedy events and club nights across 25 London NW1 venues. With so much to take in and discover, the app gives you the opportunity to listen to & learn about all the amazing artists on the line up prior to the event. It also provides a full schedule of performances viewable by artist, venue or time and allows you to select favourites, create a customised schedule and set reminders well in advance of the festival. Upon arrival at CC14, the app’s GPS map displays your current position amongst the venue locations and line ups and includes ‘on now & next functionality’. For those who want to share their festival insights and experience pre, during and post event, the app is completely integrated with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It also includes up-to-date news & announcements via push technology, full festival information, ticketing and quick links to various festival promotions.


As tradition has is it and one of its original USPs, Camden Crawl has delivered a free compilation to festival goers every year since its inception. Starting out as a series of vinyl 7”s and graduating to CD in 1995, the compilation eventually evolved to digital download in 2008 courtesy of long term Digital Download Partners 7digital. This year’s edition of the annual ‘Official Camden Crawl 2014 Album’ is as genre defying and unpredictable as its predecessors. Featuring more than 70 tracks from a selection of artists performing at June’s CC14, the album is a sonic rollercoaster ride which delves deep into the leftist of electronic fields, rises to the heavenly harmonies of Britain’s brightest new songwriters, bounces off the walls of edgy punk rock and jumps back to the beat of London’s latest urban sensations.

The ‘Official Camden Crawl 2014 Album’ is exclusively available through 7Digital:

And, without further ado the ‘CC14 OFFICIAL ALBUM’ tracklisting:

01. Fortune Teller Song  by Adrian Crowley
02. Jaws Of The Day  by Anneka
03. So Very Predictable  by Arrows Of Love
04. Bull Jazzed Up  by BaD WoLF
05. 27-25 Blues  by The Black Tambourines
06. Leave Me Now  by Blizzard
07. Instagram Famous  by Brawlers
08. Do No Harm  by Charles Howl
09. Emily  by Cocos Lovers
10. Marcy  by The Crookes
11. Silver Tongues  by The Crows
12. Time Traveller  by Cut
13. Erosion  by Cymbals
14. You Are Everywhere (featuring Rebecca Rivers)  by D/R/U/G/S
15. Mistakes  by Desperate Journalist
16. Sad Shape  by Dignan Porch
17. Dead Ringers  by The Drink
18. To Be Heard  by Early Ghost
19. Meadow Song  by Ed Dowie
20. 6ft 6  by Eighteen Nightmares at the Lux
21. Tell A Lie  by Farao
22. Milk and Honey  by Felt Tip
23. Daydreamer  by Femme
24. Can a Bull Love?  by Gang
25. Belong  by GAPS
26. Hunter  by Great Ytene
27. Glockelbar  by Haiku Salut
28. Scumblood  by Henry Blacker
29. Trials Of Life  by Higher Prospectz
30. Woodhouse  by Hot Feet
31. Gyroscope  by Jack Chesire
32. Stay On My Cool  by Jay Prince
33. Riff Glitchard  by Johnny Foreigner
34. The Feast  by Katie Kim
35. Mardi Gras  by Kinnie the Explorer
36. Then I Will Love You Again  by Laetitia Sadier
37. Cut From Stone  by The Magic Lantern
38. Goodbye  by Max Marshall
39. The Day I Come Alive  by Michael A Grammar
40. Tumbling Down (feat. Joel Culpepper)  by Mickey Lightfoot
41. Dangerous Blues  by Miraculous Mule
42. She Swimming  by Moon Ate the Dark
43. Oh Yeh!  by Mourning Birds
44. Hym  by Mouse On Mars
45. The Wash  by Mumdance
46. Rush  by Nai Harvest
47. Follow (Tape Demo from Murmurs)  by Novella
48. Chrome Cat  by The Oscillation
49. Evil Is Always One Step Behind  by Pale Seas
50. Devil's Eyes  by Parlour
51. End Point  by Pev & Kowton (Livity Sound)
52. Titan  by The Physics House Band
53. Strange Feeling  by PrimeTime
54. Make A Sentence  by Rachael Dadd
55. Black Dog Panting  by School Is Cool
56. Empire  by Sean Nicholas Savage
57. Long Way Home  by Shopping
58. Aquarius  by Soccer96
59. We The Children  by Spit Shake Sisters
60. Gallop  by Tall Ships
61. Sound Machine  by Theo Verney
62. Sound Of Screams  by Thumpers
63. Tis Money In My Purse  by Tout
64. How The Mighty Fall  by Violet Skies
65. Acceptance  by Visionist
66. Possession  by Vodun
67. March Hare  by Whistlejacket
68. Where The Flowers Don't Grow  by Wildflowers
69. King For A King  by Will Varley
70. Watching Accidents  by Woahnows
71. All Returns  by Wolf People
72. Heavy Rain  by Youth Man

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