Kendal Calling announce Outer Space fancy dress theme

This years Kendal Calling have announced their theme for 2014 which will be Outer Space.  Expect the grounds of Lowther Deer Park to bhe transformed into a dazzing alien world!

Without giving away the festival's plans too much, festival-goers can beam themselves into the Calling Out tent after the bands go home to watch some of the best space films ever made and some that might surprise!  
Once again an attempt will be made to smash another world record. This year Kendal Calling hope to break the record for the largest moonwalk! No, we're not sending people into space!  Instead festival-goers should don their sparkly white gloves and embrace their inner MJ as they attempt to 'beat it.'                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
As always, Saturday will be fancy dress day and festival-goers are encouraged to suit up in keeping with the space theme, whether it be a character or object from across the galaxy such as Darth Vader, Spock, Barabella, Dr Who, Ziggy Stardust, Neil Armstrong, Captain Malcolm Reynolds, Michael Jackson or even a planet. Be as creative and as wacky as you like! In years gone by revellers have demonstrated brilliant ideas and imagination in designing and donning costumes transforming the ancient, tranquil Deer Park into a surreal, bouncing wonderland.  
As well as the overall space themed d├ęcor, Kendal Calling will once again have a wide variety of the very best music and performance art to excite, enlighten and entertain throughout the weekend. Keep an eye out for many more Kendal Calling announcements in the near future as this multi award winning festival continues to provide the perfect backdrop for a weekend of musical merriment in the fields.  

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