Boomtown Fair announce Carnival fancy dress theme for 2014!

The Summer Festival Guide is excited to let you all know that Boomtown Fair have announced their fancy dress theme for 2014.  This year's theme will be Carnival so expect a explosion of color influenced by the South American festival.

The first line up announcement will be made on Tuesday 4th February, tickets are down to the third and final tier at £150 (+BF & EcoBond) and available via the website.

One of the major components of BoomTown’s appeal is the backstory and interactive theatre that runs alongside all the memorising sets, incredible acts and outright crazy characters! Last year saw the seven diverse and distinctive districts going head-to-head in the first ever onsite festival elections, resulting in Barrio Loco (the Latin Quarter) taking the title of Town Mayor! Plans by the new Mayor for 2014 event are heavily themed towards a carnival-esque atmosphere, bringing in a bright and colourful, vibrant energy to the entire festival site. However, whilst the new Mayor is busy planning, the ex-Mayor has been preoccupied with plotting! In a twist to the official plans the disgruntled, ousted ex-Mayor will be re-introducing The Wild West to the streets of BoomTown through the power of time travel! For full details, Chapter Six can be found on the festival website along with all five previous chapters.

BoomTown has now has nine districts in total, each one celebrating different cultures and musical genres, here’s an overview of what’s what, who’s who and most importantly, what to wear!

Districts for BoomTown 2014:

Barrio Loco 

The new Town Council in charge of BoomTown with Mayoress Burrita Jose

Barrio Loco brings some bad ass bass music to soak up into the soul and get you poppin’ ‘n’ hoppin’ all weekend long! Now in charge of the whole city, expect to see some overspill of all things Barrio into the rest of the festival – Carnival floats and maraca’s at the ready! 

Dress Code: Carnival


The Wild West (The ex-Mayor of BoomTown is now Sherriff of these dusty streets)

Brimming with top notch dosey-doe inducing genres including; bluegrass, country and scrumpy & western; The Wild West will be rife with toe-tapping ceilidh’s and is the sure-fire place to find your inner straw gnawing, yeehaa-ing hillbilly! The original settlement founded by the first residents of BoomTown during prosperous times of the gold rush… The devious ex-Mayor of BoomTown, via an exceptional use of time-travel, has bought the Wild West to the 21st Century, but are the existing occupants of Crazy Calamities saloon and Rusty Spur Avenue ready for what the new millennia has to offer?

Dress Code: Spurs, Stetsons, Buxom Wenches, Cowboys, Indians and scoundrels…



A dedicated mini-festival within a festival, KidzTown, which is specifically for the little boomers, it offers a secure environment that can be enjoyed by the whole family, but foremost it is a place where children and their fun come first! Due to public demand, BoomTown will see a brand new stage in KidzTown for 2014 and the festival is on the hunt for an eye catching, headline grabbing name for this new stage and are running a competition for families to come up with a name together to be in with the chance to win a the whole family tickets to the festival in August! For more details head to the festival

Mayfair Avenue (prosperous and decedent with Ballroom, The Park Hotel and the almighty House Party), Run by husband and wife Mr and Mrs Fitz-Sloane, MayFair is an exclusive area hosting slightly out of hand dinner parties with only the 'the right people' in attendance. Electro-Swing and all things glitzy and glamorous can be found here!

Dress Code: 1920s, Top hats, Glitter and Glam


Holditdown Town (chilled out folk and family friendly area where silliness is the law and hemp is the order) – Run by the Flower pot family. Holditdown Town is getting an overhaul this year with its very own Main Stage, prepare for some of the very best folk and world artists on the scene at the moment.

Dress Code: Hippy Chic


TrenchTown (the roots and reggae Mecca sent from the gods) – With the unearthing of the original Aztec temple last year, TrenchTown cemented its reputation as the hottest spot in town to feel the bass and submerge the brain in the best roots and reggae BoomTown and the world has to offer!

Dress Code: Tribal, Jungle, Aztec

OldTown – (the dusty, rusty area of BoomTown where things ‘were better in my day’ and pirates are pirates because they aaaarrrrrrr…) For all those skankin’, dancin’, knee pumpin’ pirates out there OldTown is the place to be! With the OldTown Theatre, Town Centre stage and Devils Kicks, if TrenchTown is the Soul of BoomTown, OldTown is the heart, pumping out a furious soundtrack of ska to the most dedicated BoomTown resident’s ears!

Dress Code: Pirates and Pensioners



The seedy underbelly of BoomTown, home to alien invaders Arcadia, The Body Shop and many more social deviants! Coming alive as the sun sets, BoomTown’s down and outs explode out of their dank lairs to wreak havoc upon any unsuspecting tourist that should wander into their warped streets of debauchery: they have been warned. Many have ventured, few have returned…

Dress Code: Pimps and Hoes



Flavour from the Far East, jam packed with mystical mayhem

ChinaTown filled with the most ‘avin it ska, ska punk, rockin punk, folk punk, polka punk, hell jazz n’roll around town!

Dress Code: Geisha, Ninja,

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