Undercover Festival returns for 2014

A month on plans for 2014 Undercover Festival are already gathering a pace.

We are asking people to let us know what they think, what they want for 2014, and we will do our very best to listen to them as this is their festival as well, but as we are a small festival we will do what we can on those requests.  We can say that we have listened already a month since the festival many have been driving us nuts about a particular band, and we are finalising booking this band.

Undercover Festival have hit the ground running for 2014 and one of the headliners will be announced just before Christmas, also we have a great Christmas present for people with a limited number of early bird tickets and early bird family tickets available now!!  We are pleased that so far these have been selling really well so get in quick before they are gone. Details from the website.

Reflections on our very first festival:  “At the time GuilFest was no longer with us and we thought it would be a shame to let the unique atmosphere / buzz that was created in the Vive Le Rock Stage @ Guilfest in 2011 & 2012 go to waste”.

When we set this festival up we looked at what was special about the VLR stage and our primary aim was to recreate and build on that multi genre buzz that was the VLR stage at GuilFest, I hope those of you that were there agree that we not only met this aim we surpassed it.

The thing about this festival more than any other in our opinion is a melting pot of the crew, the bands, the venue but last and not least the varied / fun nature of those there that made this a festival that we think no ever promoter will be able to re-create.

Highlights? far too many to single out really, the main highlight for me was the people there walking around with the biggest smiles on their faces.

We have been asked what bands stood out; that is also a difficult one to answer as all the bands were excellent and it would be unfair to single any out in particular.

We pulled off the event with no trouble and a cracking atmosphere judging from the social media quotes and emails we have received everyone had a good time.

For 2014 we probably will not do any more stages as we think the 2 we had with the bands we had was 110% quality and the synergy between both stages was excellent.

Please note: For the avoidance of any doubt The Undercover Festival is not an open air festival – the festival will be held in 2 rooms plus other areas at the Bisley Pavilion nr Woking Surrey –  undercover by nature of the music policy of this festival and undercover – well because it is….

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