Global Beats Festival 2013 lineup announced

Due to popular demand and following two hugely successful weeks of live music in Wilton’s Mahogany Bar, the Global Beats Festival is graduating into the auditorium.  Curated by Planetman (Little Blue Ball/Passing Clouds), for four nights only, Wilton’s will bring the cultural melting pot of East London under one roof. Featuring some of the best music from Senegal, USA, Italy, Nigeria, Venezuela, Portugal, Algeria, Congo, Brazil, Turkey, Greece, UK, Colombia, Israel, Yemen, Jamaica, Ghana, Armenia, Zimbabwe, New Zealand and Japan, this 100% world music festival with a difference boasts artists from all continents.  For more info go to

Wilton’s Music Hall was built to welcome people from all over the world as they arrived into the port of London Docks. Wilton’s will be getting into carnival spreading good vibes and opening up every available space to celebrate these international collaborations.

VIP tickets: For the first time Wilton’s is creating a VIP balcony for those who are searching for something a little more exclusive. There will be a private bar, waiter service and aperitivi all within arm’s reach as well as the best views from the gorgeous balcony. These tickets are very limited so we do recommend early booking. 

Wednesday 14th August:

Seddik Zebiri & The Seeds Of Creation (Algeria)

Founded by Seddik Zebiri in 2010, Seeds of Creation pull on the lead man’s Algerian roots, well-travelled background and experience along with his diverse collection of fellow musicians. The sound churned out by this outfit is irresistibly danceable with an urban edge deeply steeped in North African traditional vibes. Seeds of Creation brew an excellent blend of traditional Berber music fused with Afro-Blues, Jazz and raw Psychedelic sounds that will transport you deep into the heart of the Sahara.

Kadialy Kadialy Kouyate Kouyate (Senegal)

Born into the great line of Kouyate griots, Senegalese kora maestro Kadialy Kouyate draws on his heritage and its traditional songs to create his own mesmerising compositions, leading his fantastic five-piece band into the West African groove. Kadialy’s mesmerising kora playing and singing style has been welcomed in many prestigious venues as both a soloist and in different ensembles: Royal Festival Hall, O2 Arena, Union Chapel and WOMAD amongst others.

Rodney Branigan (USA)

Artists are often described as having “a unique talent”; few epitomise this more than virtuosic guitarist Rodney Branigan. In fact, Texan-born Rodney’s talents as a musician are as plentiful as the many instruments he expertly plays side by side. The London based singer/songwriter masterfully plays two guitars at once or both guitar and piano simultaneously, however it is his ability to mix this extraordinary skill with his own heartfelt lyrics and rich, soulful voice that have led to Rodney Branigan becoming one of the most followed global performers of the moment.

DJ CousCous (Armenia)

Based in London UK, this Global Beats DJ has been playing on the UK circuit for the past 12 years, performing at Festivals such as Glastonbury, Womad, Secret Garden Party, Bestival, and many more boutique events. He is co-founder and musical director of the Rollright Fayre Festival based in Oxfordshire UK. He is also the music coordinator for The Lizard Stage, a micro stage that tours the UK festivals hosting a range of live acts and DJ’s. His style of music can vary wildly on the night, incorporating elements of Reggae, Balkan, AfroBeat, Cumbia, Drum N Bass, Electro-swing, Breaks, and Ska. The tempo's may change, but the vibe stays constant, Swing n' Skank with a Funk and Soul heart.

Thursday 15th August:

Hernando Arias & Su Conjunto Vallenato (Colombia)

José Hernando is a 20 year old self-taught virtuoso accordion player, born in London, but of Colombian descent. José fell in love with Vallenato, the popular folk style from the Caribbean coast of Colombia which he learned

through watching clips on Youtube and video cassettes his father brought back from Colombia. In 2011 he won the apprenticeship program promoted by the BBC World Routes Academy and featured in the BBC proms in 2012.  He

plays in a number of Vallenato and Cumbia folk bands in London and is also the musical director of Revolucion Vallenata, a London based multi-cultural band celebrating the Vallenato tradition. He dreams of popularising the genre in Europe through his own music. He will be performing with his band Su Conjunto Vallenato.

Luzmira Zerpa (Venezuela)

Luzmira Zerpa is one of the most celebrated Venezuelan artists working in the UK today. She comes from the immensely rich lineage of Venezuelan folk music and plays traditional instruments such as the cuatro (Venezuelan four-string guitar) and maracas. Her powerful voice and stage presence have enchanted audiences across Europe, in venues such as Chesky Krumlov Castle, London’s Barbican and the Royal Academy of Music’s Purcell Room, amongst others. She has collaborated with some of the world’s finest musicians such as Alirio Diaz and Pavel Steidl.

Antonio Testa (Italy)

Antonio Testa specialises in organic sound and the creation of musical atmospheres using a vast array of mostly native and shamanic instruments with his own creations made from organic and recycled materials. Antonio has been active in the field of contemporary music since early 80’s working as a percussionist specialising in tribal and Afro-Caribbean rhythms, etno-ambient and world music. An artist who is constantly working to expand his knowledge of ethnomusicology and the curative powers of sound, his music is used widely for healing and various types of therapy sessions.

DJ Wala Danga (Zimbabwe)

One of the most important figures in African Music in the UK, he has promoted music at the Africa Centre Covent Gardens for over 25 years bringing over some of the biggest artists from Africa. He's also the Programme Director at WOMATT, Productions Events & Festival Consultant Program Director at Kaya Festival, Events Programme producer for the Mayor of London RISE Festival African Music Village. As a veteran DJ his music collection spans over half a century and includes classics from all across the African continent.

Friday 16th August:

Abdul Tee-Jay's Rokoto (Sierra Leone)

Abdul Tee-Jay and Rokoto is a seven-piece band with several albums including, Kanka Kuru, Fire Dombolo and E'Go Lef Pan You. They have toured extensively in many countries. At a very young age Abdul Tee-Jay, somewhat secretly, learnt to play guitar. At that time there was music coming into the port of Freetown, Sierra Leone from many different regions. Abdul was influenced by all of these sounds and joined local bands. His family were all very academic and in 1974 he went to study in Virginia, USA. While there he took the opportunity to learn more guitar, and use better instruments, he also joined a band called Spice and learnt to play the dulcimer. In 1979 Abdul came to Britain to work in banking but met other musicians and decided to form a band called African Connection. In 1982 he decided to concentrate on more typical African music, and a pan-African band, African Culture, came into being. Even this was not satisfying so Abdul resolved to base all his music on Sierra Leone street and folk music. In 1988, the band changed it’s name to Rokoto, the nickname of part of Freetown. Abdul's music is still evolving and he now includes beautiful acoustic palm wine music.

Kasaï Masaï (Congo)

Based in London and led by Voodoo King Nickens Nkoso, Kasaï Masaï brings us the traditional sound of the most remote equatorial villages with an urban twist. Named after a river, Kasai lies in the heart of the rain forest where many tribes such as the Pygmies still maintain their traditional lifestyles. The Masai, just like the Baka, are another dignified tribe whose lives still centre around a nomadic existence.

The Turbans (UK/Turkey/Bulgaria/Greece)

The Turbans is an international musical collective travelling the world on a quest to discover and create great music. Starting in Nepal in 2009, when classical violinist Darius Luke Thompson and guitarist Oshan Mahony played together for the first time in Kathmandu, they travelled by bicycle to India where they formed a band that has played music all the way through Pakistan, India, Turkey, Greece, Poland, Spain and the UK. With a mix of traditional balkan, klezmer, turkish, celtic and greek traditional folk sounds, their reputation as radical performers of real musical substance and prodigious energy is growing and growing.

Kabula (Brazil)

Founded by Mestre Carlo Alexandre Teixeira da Silva, Kabula is a community organisation that aims to connect and inspire people. At the heart of their project is Capoeira Angola, an exhilarating and elegant blend of dance, play, fight and music of Afro-Brazilian origin. 

DJ Koichi Sakai (Japan)

Koichi Sakai is a Tokyo born, London based DJ, producer, musician and promoter who is widely recognised for his highly developed, unique style which reflects the varied influences that have continuously informed his creativity and career. His musical style is jazzy and percussive; playing a distinctive and smooth mix of Soul, Jazz, Funk, Reggae, Latin and Afrobeat. During his musical career, Koichi has collaborated in various clubs in London with Gilles Peterson, Snowboy, Phil Asher, Patrick Forge, Nostalgia77, Quantic, Bugz In The Attic, Broadcite, Mr Bongo Soundsystem, Sofrito, to name but a few. 

Saturday 17th August:

Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra (Nigeria)

Dele Sosimi, the UK's multiple award-winning Afrobeat Ambassador has been consistently flying the Afrobeat flag in the UK since 1995, leading to roles as Musical Director and Afrobeat Music Consultant for the US award winning acclaimed musical FELA! at the National Theatre, South Bank in London (2010-2011). His “Afrobeat Vibration”, now in its fifth year, is London’s top underground event. Dele’s Afrobeat pedigree is impeccable. He was keys player and a musical director in Fela Kuti’s Egypt 80 and subsequently with Fela’s son Femi Kuti’s Positive Force. Dele’s pulsating live shows demonstrate his vision of Afrobeat – one that is faithful to the original blueprint, but also clearly bears Dele’s own DNA, expanding the horizons of the genre.

Planetman & The Internationalz (Yemen/Israel/Jamaica)

Planetman & The Internationalz (Yemen/Israel/Jamaica) Global Beats Festival founder, curator and host, Planetman and his band The Internationalz come with a message to express and a mission to embark upon: to promote love & unity amongst all, while blending elements of Reggae, Afrofunk, Rock and D&B into their own distinctive style. With

super tight rhythems and blasting horns Planetman & The Internationalz prove conclusively that pure groove still has a place in the hearts and souls of man. Planetman is a singer consumed with the passion of his art. A good-time band, they will have the audience up on its feet, shoes kicked off and toes dancing. East-London’s cult band and members of the Passing Clouds Collective, they formed in summer 2001 and have played at the country's biggest festivals including Glastonbury Festival, Notting Hill Carnival, Big Chill, Secret Garden Party, Sunrise Festival, to name a few, and across the globe from Portugal to Tanzania, Hungary to Thailand.

Planetman and the Internationalz

Baajo Acrobats (Ghana)

Hailing from Ghana this incredible performers will blow your mind with their acrobatic dance routines. Performed to the sound of traditional live drumming, this group is called Baajo which means 'come and dance'.

Catarina Moreno (Portugal)

London based singer, songwriter and guitarist Catarina plays bossa nova with soulfulness and beauty to seduce you into her own world. Born in Lisbon, Portugal this talented singer is also an actress and a dancer.

Future Swing Stories (New Zealand)

Future Swing Stories is a London based collective of producers, dj's, promoters, bloggers, designers & musicians. Their sound merges a forgotten era of Swing, Jazz and dixieland with the contemporary sound of big band breaks & bad boy bass – sometimes known as Electro Swing, they prefer "Ghetto Swing!" Their music, although very important to the "electro swing" movement, borrows heavily from old school hiphop breaks, Nu-school bass lines, dusty drum loops and swing era samples arriving at a sound that quenches even the most discerning of the dance music generations thirst. This vintage revamp will surely leave you with a new understanding of what it really means to “shake a tail feather”.

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