One Love Festival announce new acts

One Love Festival announce KING JAMMY (live set), and STONE LOVE (featuring Rory) MEETS SAXON

King Jammy

Lloyd James (born 1947, Montego Bay, Jamaica[1]), better known as Prince Jammy or King Jammy, is a dub mixer and record producer. He began his musical career as a dub master at King Tubby's recording studio. His dubs were known for their clear sound and use of effects.

He became one of the most influential producers of dancehall music. His biggest hit was 1985's "Under Me Sleng Teng" by Wayne Smith, with an entirely-digital rhythm hook. Many credit this song as being the first "Digital rhythm" in reggae, leading to the modern dancehall era. Jammy's productions and sound system dominated reggae music for the remainder of the 1980s and into the 1990s.He continues to work as a producer, working with some of today's top Jamaican artists,


Stone Love

Based in Kingston, Winston "Wee Pow" Powell built the Stone Love sound system in 1973. It became one of Jamaica's most popular sound systems, known for its superior sound quality, and maintained this position into the 21st century. It has also played overseas in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan. Stone Love is renowned for its exclusive dubplates, which have included sides by many of the artists which it helped to establish, including Buju Banton and Wayne Wonder, and Johnny Osbourne and Shabba Ranks, Sanchez, and Beenie Man.

In the 1990s, rivalry with the Killamanjaro sound system led to a series of 'sound clashes' being staged.

Rory is Stone Love’s longest serving member selector Rory has a musical knowledge that is unmatched, and his versatility takes him around the world. Still after 30 years with Stone Love, he stays current with the latest riddims, the “big tunes,” and the hype that surrounds the dancehall. He no longer spins records—everything is now on CD (“It makes the flight easier,” he says)—but when it comes to music, there is a certifiable fire in his eyes.



U-Roy revolutionized the musical style of Reggae in 1969 through Toasting. "toasting" rapping over "versions" of popular songs remixed by King Tubby. Considered one of Jamaica's first Deejay stars, "U-Roy raised the art of toasting to new heights. He didn't just spit a few phrases here and there, he rode the riddim from the starting gate to the last furlong". The instigator Rap in the world!! U-Roy working with Duke Reid created a "version" of the Paragons' "Wear You to the Ball" which became the first ever "toast" record to make an impact back in 1969!!  The Jamaican reggae living legend is back on the worldwide stage with a brand new album: Pray Fi Di People after 10 years of absence in the studios! This album confirms again the Jamaican toaster’s talent with a roots sound which followed his time and which is claiming peace respect and music’s universality.
Black Uhuru

Black Uhuru ft Iqualah Rastafari with Duckie Simpson , Andrew Bees and Kay Stahr. Black Uhuru is a probably best known for their hits “Shine Eye Gal”, “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner,” “Sinsemilla,” “Solidarity,” and “What Is Life?”. They were the first group to win a Grammy in the reggae category when it was introduced in 1985. They originally formed as ‘Black Sounds Uhuru’ (the Kiswahili word for freedom).

 Full 2013 A/Z Line Up To Date:
 1EYE, 3 Lions Sound, Adam Prescott, ABA SHANTI SOUNDSYSTEM, AL CAMPBELL, ALPHA STEPPA, ANTHONEY JOHNSON,  ARKITAL SOUND,  Arfur B, Bag e, Baby’oul and the One Drops, Ben Russell and The Charmers, Bionic Rats, Big Topp,  BLACK UHURU, Black Symbol,  BUCKEY RANKS, CHANNEL ONE SOUNDSYSTEM, Chris Culture, CONGO NATTY, CONSCIOUS SOUNDS feat KING GENERAL & CULTURE FREEMAN, Cosmic Fevah, ChainSka Brassika, Chickenwing Allstars,  CHOPSTICK DUBPLATE feat ARIES & JACKY MURDA, COXSONE SOUND SYSTEM, CREOLE ft THE DUB MASTER, Daddy Morse, David Judah, Defcon One, Dialect, DIRECT IMPACT, DIGITALDUBS, Digikal roots, DON LETTS, Dubforce,Dub Theatre,  DJ Arcane, DJ As-If, DJ KING SPINNER,  EARL GATESHEAD, East Court, ECCLETON JARRETT, ENOS MCLEOD, Extra Love, FATMAN INTERNATIONAL SOUND. Friendly Fire Band, FORATA SOUNDS, GENRAL LEVY, Gregory Fabulous, HEARTICAL SOUND, INSTRUMENT OF JAH SOUND SYSTEM, IJAHMAN LEVI, IRATION STEPPAS, Inasound, Inspirational Sounds,  IQULAH RASTAFARI, JAH TUBBY SOUND SYSTEM ft ERROLL BELLOT, DIXIE PEACH, GREGORY FABULOUS et le,  ifoundation, J-Project, JAH SCRACHY ft KRIS KHEMIST, Jaylarno, JIDEH HIGH ELEMENTS & BUNNINGTON JUDAH,  JOSEPH COTTON, JOSHUA MOSES, Junglettes, Jungle Rollerz ft Rumble, kalichakra, KENNI WENNA, kernow vibratiow, Kingston Allstars,  KING TUBBYS HI FI, Kotch,  Lady Jane, LION DUB,  LIONSOUND,  LORD GELLYS SOUND SYSTEM ft – MG Lord Gellys, Lotskee, H-Bom Lord Gellys, DJ Glamour, Andrew Fresh, Naffi I , NICK MANASSEH, Marshall D, Mikel Ameen, MR Quest, MINIMAN Feat EARL 16, MIXMASTER MORRIS, Mostec, Mr Horsewell, OVER PROOF SOUND SYSTEM, Patrick IOJ,  Platinum Sound, Psychic-Robot, RADIO RODDLER,RANKING JOE, RDK Hi-Fi,  Ras Terry Gad, RAGGA TWINS, REMARC, ROBBO RANX, ROD TAYLOR,  Sammy Dread,  SAXON SOUND SYSTEM marquee full sound system full crew all weekend long, SERIAL KILLAZ, Smiley, SISTER NANCY, SIR DAVID RODIGAN MBE, SLO DOWN, SKAMANIANS , SMITH & MIGHTY, Sniffa Ranks, SUBSLAYERS ft JAY CUNNING, Spydah, KING YOOF, GOLD DUBS (UB40 Tour),  feat MOOSE, TAILISMAN, The Crooked Beat, THE RENEGADE Live feat. Ray Keith, THE ORB SOUND SYSTEM, TWILIGHT CIRCUS DUB SOUND SYSTEM, U ROY, UNITY HI-FI, We the, Undersigned, VIBRATION LAB,  Voytek, YOUTHMAN PROMOTION SOUND,  X-Nation,, Zion Inna Vision Soundsystem, ZION TRAIN,


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