Just So Festival News – Pirates, laughing and Flying Machines‏

The last few additions for Just So Festival have been announced, and you can now see the whole programme over at www.justsofestival.org.uk

Laughing Yoga master and guru of giggles Robin Graham invites all comers to a laugh off competition. In keeping with the sock theme contestants will need to enter a pair. Warning: Laughter is infectious and there will be no antidotes available on the day. This is just a tantalising slice of programming from a brand new area at Just So. Watch this space for all the details of ‘All over the place’.

Avast! And welcome to the world of the Mirth, a group of debauched and maniacal buccaneers that have been plundering the British Isles far and wide for the last several years. Combining hilarious live shows with pounding dance music, Seas of Mirth are a band unlike any other around. With high speed gypsy beats, a thrashy folk influence and some majestic bellowing, they even manage to throw in a bit of old- school hip-hop for good measure. They’ll be whipping up a frenzy of excitement at the grand finale of the Tribal Tournament, and following it up with the most piratanical performance.

Making sure that the Just So Tea Dance goes with a swing, Dixie, Tallulah and Scarlet are the glamorous members of the close-part harmony swing group The Polka Dot Dolls.  With seamed stockings and victory rolls in place, The Polka Dot Dolls will be on hand with toe-tapping swing numbers and romantic love songs of the 1930′s and 1940′s.

They’re back, they’re back, of course they’re back. The marvellous Pif Paf theatre will be hitting the High seas in 2013 in their fantastical flycycle… Come away with us on a journey of your wildest dreams, aboard our famous traveling machine, The Flycycle! Choose a traveling companion, find the Departure Lounge and we’ll take care of the rest. We take two at a time and dress you in hats so sublime. With Captain Bigshot, you’ll fly up up and away, crossing continents in turbulent adventures.Together we’ll weave unforgettable stories.

2013 Festival Tickets…

…are, of course, on sale nowWeekend tickets are selling more quickly than ever before. Don’t leave it too late this year or they will all be gone!

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