Ski Lift to be installed at Boomtown Fair Festival

A travelator of epic proportions, this easy access, fun ride will grant even the weariest of BoomTown legs access to the whole site ensuring that all the adventures the Aladdin’s cave of BoomTown has to offer are a mere hop, skip and a magic carpet ride away… Also new for BoomTown 2013 will be the unveiling of the epic 15 metre high Lion’s Den Mayan temple, the sizzling streets of the brand new Barrio Loco and the Arcadia Spider moving even further into the depths of the DownTown district…

Never ones to keep the sky as the limit, BoomTown Fair will this year play host to a gargantuan 300ft moving carpet ride to escort rambling residents up the, often fearful gradient, of the affectionately known ‘hippy highway’. Due to the increase in the number of districts and big changes to the city’s layout, with the Lion’s Den, Oldtown, The Town Centre and Mayfair Avenue moving out of the bowl and up to the top, the ever caring Town Mayor plans to introduce a flying carpet for residents and tourists alike to take the strain off their dancing shoes and soak up the breathtaking vista of the BoomTown’s cityscape. Boomers can purchase a weekend pass for a mere £10+bf to use this easy-breezy form of transportation, ensuring that the important energy is saved for sampling all the serious fun BoomTown has to offer! Tickets are limited so be sure to get a ticket now to make achy legs a thing of the past, and BoomTown teleportation the way of the future!

Another mystical treat for the BoomTown faithful this year is the discovery of the mega Mayan temple, known as the Lion’s Den. For the past few years the worshipers of the Lion’s Den, the reggae capital of BoomTown, have been skanking it out in a cosy, beat-a-licious, tent temple, but now reggae fans across this land can worship their reggae gods in a temple fitting for their Rastafarian rulers! The recent unearthing of gigantic temple has meant that the Lion’s Den sunshine tunes and daylight dancing can be moved to its rightful home amongst the great and the good of roots reggae culture! For the full video of the unbelievable unearthing of such an ancient discovery head to BoomTown Discovery Channel here

With the recent announcement of the city split and the confirmation of the new permanent residential districts of BoomTown, some inter tensions have arisen: The Mexican mariachi’s of El Barrio Loco are staking claim to being THE new party hotspot in town… with the influx of ‘Ciro Baile’s’ explosive and energetic circus mixed with back to back fiestas, side-show shenanigans, spicy senorita’s and sensational salsa showdowns, the gauntlet has been thrown down and it’s up to the great BoomTown public to decide! Other more established areas refuse to allow such an outlandish statement to be made and the disgruntled folk of DownTown have awoken their mega monolithic monster, the Spider of Arcadia and instructed him to stomp his way through the seedy streets to stake his claim in the centre of DownTown to whip up the residents into a frenzied state ready to battle it out for the party crown – they may be Down, but they certainly not out… Keep an eye out for all the upcoming election debates on BoomTown’s facebook page.

“After listening to the overall consensus of the BoomTown massive from last year, it was clear that what people really wanted was a device to ensure less time spent marching up the hill and more time spent on dancing! So the people have spoken and we have listened! We’ve pulled out all the stops to make this happen and are stupidly excited to be the first festival in the UK to have a Ski-lift running though our festival!”

Lak Mitchell and Chris Rutherford – BoomTown Fair Head Honchos

With so much going on behind the city walls of BoomTown in these normally sleepy winter months, it’s easy to forget that there is the whole musical line up still to be announced! Well, fear not as this has never been far from the Town Mayor’s mind and he is busy putting the finishing touches to the first musical morsels to be announced next Thursday 7th February!

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