Secret Garden Party 2013 announce Art & Expression Theme

“Ours is a rational world, where science and mechanics control much of how we live and think. Yet many of us feel aninstinctive resistance to this world of reason, a primeval attraction to beliefs and actions without logic. Are you afraid of the number 13? Would you bury a broken mirror in the moonlight? Do these behaviors guide our fates, or are they superstitious nonsense?

This year the Secret Garden will be asking all Gardeners to explore their affinity to the supernatural, the inexplicable and theirrational… to indulge the tussle between the left brain's sober analysis and the right's need to conjure it’s own reality.

Leave reason at the Garden gates, search for the four-leaf clover along the path and see where lady luck takes you. Will you be saluting magpies or courting black cats, touching wood or spilling salt, crossing your fingers or breaking mirrors?

In 2013 we pay homage to the power of the number thirteen… and laugh at ourselves a little.”

In addition, Grant Applications are now open for artists who wish to submit their creative proposals to the Secret Garden Party 2013. Whether it is running an action camp, helping on the bars, curating a parade, rowing an art boat, building a tree house, devising a fire show, hosting a workshop, driving an art car or producing an art installation… it is participation which allows the party to rejuvenate and regenerate year on year.

The number one rule is that the party must facilitate participation. To ensure that this principle is upheld, Secret Garden Party gives over half of all programming money back to the gardeners, in the form of arts and expression grants. In 2012 the Secret Garden Party funded over 40 action camps, games and activities, over 50 art installations and hundreds of performers.

For more information on participation or for an application form please visit the website.

For more information on the work of Secret Arts Foundation go to:


Sounds of the Garden 2

Transport yourself back to the garden with the new ‘Sounds of the Garden’ Spotify playlist.  We hope you were lucky enough to spot these guys in the garden this summer… enjoy. SGP 2012 Sound of the Garden 2

Tickets for the Secret Garden Party 2013…

Tier 3 tickets are currently available and selling quickly. Tickets in tiers 4 & 5 are also available for those who are happier to pay more for their ticket, therefore freeing up the cheaper tickets for those on lower incomes.

Once again we are also operating a deposit scheme that allows you to pay for half of your ticket now and the other half any time before 30th April 2013. (Please remember that if you do not pay the balance by 30th April 2013 you will not get a refund).

There will not be any extra tickets available for 2013 so we recommend that gardeners book early to avoid disappointment.

Tickets to the Secret Garden Party 2013

“For me, the true mark of a good festival is the after-taste. Like a good whisky when the flavour returns to your mouth to give you a faint memory of the gorgeous, golden drop you’ve just put down your throat. You find yourself looking back over the experiences in your memory, chuckling to yourself as you stand in a queue at the bank, and you wish you were back there. That’s how I felt after the Secret Garden Party. Like there was a little part of my soul still there, dancing, smiling, being part of something bigger than myself in a world where the sun’s always setting and everyone’s in love with the world.” Festival Mag

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