Rockcorps Barter for Bestival 2012

“How, for the love of all things fancy dress, can that be possible?!” we hear you cry. Well, this is how:

Give, Get Given. That’s RockCorps’ thing. Do something brilliant for someone else and they’ll give you a big pat on the back, well, more specifically, a full Bestival weekend camping ticket, as a great big thank you.

It’s a huge reward for an amazing charity doing great work in their community, so RockCorps need to make sure you’re committed to travelling to the Isle Of Wight on the Wednesday 5th September 2012 to do the work and then, in return, having the time of your life at Bestival.

What you'll be expected to do on the day:
Give, Get Given. That's their motto, so for you to get given your ticket to Bestival they're going to expect you to give and get your hands dirty first. You will volunteer to give four hours of work to help create a sustainable allotment for the Isobel Centre ( set in the heart of the Isle Of Wight and just down the road from the Bestival site. You will also have to bring something very special to barter your way in. Oh and you’ve got to do it all in British Wildlife fancy dress. If that sounds like fun to you then register now!

Stephen Greene, CEO of RockCorps says "We just straight up love Bestival – and when they asked us to join up, it was obvious we would do so! RockCorps is known for shaking up the volunteering world by creating innovative and exciting ways for people to give back to their community and get rewarded for it. Bestival, apart from being one of the most inventive festivals around, has an incredible social conscience, really caring about the community on the Isle of Wight and creating a sustainable festival legacy.

“So we're joining forces to produce the very best volunteering experience possible with one hell of a reward. We'll run a fully immersive RockCorps project with the good folks at Isobel Centre and to get a ticket to Bestival, you've got to barter your way in bringing the equipment you need to do the 4 hours volunteering on to the island with you! Let's do this. Give, Get Given." 

Rob da Bank added: “Ever since we first crossed the water to the Isle of Wight and fell in love with the place we've tried to give as much back to the community as possible. We also know money is tight for many on the island, as it is across the UK, so Barter For Bestival will give some of those people the chance to come in for free…well kinda! I have a massive amount of respect for what RockCorps have achieved in the world of volunteering and putting on some pretty spectacular gigs so when I had this idea about us helping people on the island it was a bit of a no-brainer. I can’t wait to see the results.”

How to enter:
1 – Email [email protected] with your NAME, AGE, ADDRESS & TELEPHONE NUMBER with ‘Barter for Bestival’ in the subject line.
2 – You will then receive an auto-reply with instructions on how to enter in full. One of the instructions will be buying your travel in advance and proving that you will be attending the volunteering on Wednesday 5th September.

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