T in the Park & Wireless Festival 2012 Weather Forecasts

WirelessWireless Festival Weather Forecast

Friday 6th July will see a high of 22° with a hint of rain expected in the afternoon going through to the evening.  
Saturday 7th July will see more rain with heavy showers expected in the afternoon and clearing up late into the evening,  a high of 20° is expected.  
Sunday 8th July is expected to get a little bit cooler with a high of 19° expected and heavy rain forecasted for the late afternoon and into the evening.

T in the ParkT in the Park Weather Forecast

Thursday 5th July is set to be overcast with a hint of rain scheduled for the late evening.  A high of 18 is expected.
Friday 6th July, light rain forecast for the early morning and late evening, a high of 16° expected.
Saturday 7th July, a light showever expected in the early evening with the rest of the day set to be overcast, a high of 15° expected.
Sunday 8th July will see an mostly cloudy day with the sun appearing in the late afternoon, a high of 16° is expected.

Weather forecasts for London and Kinross taken from the Met Office website.

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