Supernormal Festival 2012 details

A development from the 15-year-long Braziers International Artists’ Workshop, and now in its third year, SUPERNORMAL hugely expands its component of contemporary visual art. Alongside independent galleries and artist-run spaces more than 50 individual artists have been invited to create work during the festival, some of it constructed on site with direct audience involvement.  At SUPERNORMAL 'Experiment' is not a dirty word and the avant-garde is for everyone.  

This year's SUPERNORMAL welcomes Brighton-based underground legends Tatty Seaside Town and UK-wide experimentalists  Bang The Bore as guest musical curators, and they’ve excelled themselves in assembling a diverse and invigorating selection of cult curiosities and boundary-breaking iconoclasts, from Warp Records’ electronic pioneers Seefeel to the Dutch psych leviathans Silvester Anfang II and British drone-rock veterans The Telescopes to acoustic and folk-based acts like Caroline Weeks and The Mary Hampton Cotillion, and way beyond into the outermost reaches of innovation and experimentation.   

SUPERNORMAL is an intimate event for an audience of five hundred, a non-profit event entirely organised and curated by a small network of artists and musicians who share its aims and ethos. The event takes place on an eco-site with fresh running water, eco toilets and hot outdoor showers with a wooded camping area.

A world away from the financially motivated and nondescript British festival circuit, SUPERNORMAL replaces its humdrum played-out atmosphere with a true sense of adventure; a unique experience somewhere between an early 70s Glastonbury and an eccentric village fete.

In short, SUPERNORMAL is the alternative’s alternative.


After the Rain/ANTA/Barnabas Yianni/Bilge Pump/Black Octagon/Black Tempest (Space Opera)/Bleeding Heart Narrative/ Bolide Awkwardstra/Bugbrand/Caroline Weeks/Cold Pumas /CoverGirl/Daniel Alexander Hignell DOGEESEEGOD/Dr Bluegrass & The Illbilly 8/Embla Quickbeam/Fairhorns/Fat Bicth/Gary Goodman + Nick Hudson/Gigantes/Hamilton Yarns/Hey Colossus/Hexenvurfolgung/James Blackshaw/Joeyfat/JonWood/Kogumaza/La La Vasquez/Lonesome Cowboys From Hell/Mary Hampton Cotillion/Nil/One Unique Signal/Patrick Fitzgerald/Plurals/Purson/Ragnaarok/Sauna Youth/Seefeel/Scotch Bonnet/Shudder Pulps/Sly and the Family Drone/Sticks/Stig Noise/Sweet Williams/Sylvester Anfang II/Team Sports/Thee Bald Knobbers/The Black Neck Band of the Common Loon/The Cosmic Dead/The Family Elan/The Pheromoans/The Telescopes/The Wandering Hand Society/Trojan Horse/Twenty One Crows/Undersmile/VENTS (Emily Breeze)/Woolf/Workin Man Noise Unit/You're Smiling Now But We'll All turn into DEMONS/Zero Map


Aditi Kulkarni/Bermuda Triangle Test Transmission/Brian Duggan/Bristol Driving School/Campbell Works/Chooc Ly Tan/Claire Kennedy/Coffee and Sponge/Cool Diabang/Emergent Behaviour/Erdal Eles/Fiona MacDonald & John Holland/Gaynor O’Brien/Gert-Rude/Ginko/Hackney Secular Choir /Holly Slingsby/Hula Dog/Jarek Hubloj/Jarek Hubloj/Jerrica /John Hughes/Jordan McKenzie & Aaron Williamson/Juan Gabriel Guittirez /Juan / PabloEchiverri/Kay Walsh/Kisito Assangni/Lupa Connection/Lee Campbell/Lina Hakim/Live Timeline Actions/Motorcycle Showroom/NCP: Baz V. Concrete Famine/Ortelius Drew/Pantomime Pony/Post Fems Postal Service/Rest Area/Ruth Marx/Ryan Hughes/Samar/Sender Brocken Field Research/Society is Possible/Structures & Spaces/Susanne Pillar/The Analogue Photographer's Magic Show/The Love of It/Tom Woolner/Various Artists is Dead/Spike McGarrity/Will Cruikshank/Wondermenttable

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