Boomtown Fair announce exclusive Arcadia show!

As an unprecedented festival exclusive, the likes of which have only ever been seen at the UKs biggest festival Glastonbury; BoomTown will feature the one and only incredible new Arcadia Spectacular show; a fusion of post apocalyptic huge moving sculptures, pyrotechnics, light and laser extravaganzas, aerial trapeze shows and a gargantuan Soundsystem. The Arcadia Spectacular is an epic, mind bending, assault on the senses that must be approached with caution, the fainthearted have been warned!

With Tier one and Tier two tickets selling out in minutes, the site has expanded beyond the confines of ‘The Bowl’ into woodland in rural BoomTown and with the alien invasion of the awe inspiring Arcadia; BoomTown have burnt all the rule books and are gearing up to take the festival into a whole new stratosphere in 2012.

The town council have passed planning permission to venture into the surrounding, unexplored suburbs of BoomTown’s now perfect permanent home. The town walls will encompass the adjacent meadows and woodland where spacious luscious campsites with upgraded leisure facilities and hidden woodland parties will be found! Watch this space for more details as hidden tales of the woodland are discovered.

2012 sees the ‘luxury’ camping options at BoomTown getting hugely upgraded! An exclusive new camping area including Tipis, Bell-Tents and Podpads, perfect for those who like to sleep in style and comfort.

The town committee have been flat out for the past few months, tweaking, organising, booking and generally scheming and as well as a whole new host of venues, street parties, mutated vehicles and crazy sideshows the first line up announcements will be coming on the 7th Feb … 2012 may see the end of the world, but BoomTown has only just begun!

BoomTown 2012 is over the weekend of 9 – 12th August, for more info or to buy tickets please visit:


Tier three weekend tickets – £109 (plus £5 eco deposit) – Limited
(Tier four weekend tickets – £116 + eco deposit)

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