Sziget Festival lineup almost complete

One of the most successful and coolest electronic music acts of the past twenty years, Prodigy is playing on the Main Stage of Sziget Festival again. No need to tell you anything else, a great show is guaranteed, so just make sure you arrive in time to get your place in the crowd. Another new feature of the Main Stage line-up is Kate Nash, a charismatic and already well-known singer from Great Britain. Kate is proud owner of a BRIT music award, which says a lot of her wonderful skills. And still talking about the Main Stage program: Kaiser Chiefs are coming to play the new songs of their freshly released album. The Chiefs are growing to become an emblematic band of present times, gaining inspiration from the punk and new wave movement of the turn of the seventies and eighties, and without doubt they are one of the most authentic and well-received indie rock bands of the United Kingdom.
The program of the Sziget Main Stage is now complete and you can view the detailed list of performers at the program section of
Last but not least, another great piece of news: the most colourful music act of Australia, Empire of the Sun is playing at Sziget Party Arena, presenting their spectacular show, inspired by science-fiction and sometimes similar to a fashion-gala. But it’s surely not just the visuals: make sure you sing along with them while listening to hits like Walking on a Dream, or We’re the People.
Sziget is ready for you, so make sure you are ready for Sziget. Forgot something? Sure, you will need your tickets. More information:

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