Beady Eye, Crystal Castles and more for Melt Festival 2011

beady eyeBeady Eye
Describing the highly anticipated Beady Eye debut, Liam Gallagher certainly raised the bar high. Different Gear, Still Speeding is filled with songs „as good as Definitely Maybe,“ he told the NME. Yet, what the title promises is definitely what you get. After Oasis split in 2009, Liam Gallagher and his band mates Gem Archer, Andy Bell, and Chris Sharrock simply had to get back in the studio, taking it a step further by using the newly formed Beady Eye as their creative outlet. Compared to Oasis, Beady Eye might only be a four-piece, yet the band’s in-your-face attitude is all the more rock’n’roll. The album’s edgy, rough and pure, conquering the next level of Britpop on its way. You get the anthem-like classics („The Roller”), fast forward smash hits („Four Letter Word”), and such retro pieces as „World Outside My Room“ in 60s guise on top. If that’s not enough proof for you, wait till you see them live.

modeselektorModeselektor present Melt! Selektor Stage
Our Melt! Selektor Stage is taking shape with Modeselektor watching over the goings-on in all their manifold glory. After their spectacular live set together with Bonaparte in 2010, the Berlin-based Gernot and Szary will top last year’s show with a never before seen and heard techno supergroup. Under the name of A.T.O.L., Modeselektor will get behind the turntables together with Marcel Dettmann and Shed (Ostgut Ton) to present their vision of techno to the Melt! crowd live. Also joining the stage’s line-up, which is curated by Modeselektor in close collaboration: Nicolas Jaar live, who’s fanbase stretches from techno to indie lovers. With a new album in tow, Apparat Band joined the bill. So did Jamie Woon, Rusko, Siriusmo, Anstam, Cosmin TRG, Phon.o and Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka. A perfect addition to the already confirmed SBTRKT, Gold Panda, Sizarr Soundsystem and Housemeister. A line-up to be proud of.
Ostgut Ton Special
Ostgut Ton, Berghain and Panoramabar’s in-house label is back. Last year, label brought its manifold soundscapes to the Sleepless Floor going quite a bit back to the roots. Even in the beginnings of Melt!, many of the label’s DJs coined the sound of Ferropolis. In 2011, this will be no different. Besides Marcel Dettmann and Ben Klock, Marcel Fengler as well as Barker & Baumecker (live) will travel to Ferropolis to conquer the Big Wheel Stage this year. In the spirit of Ostgut Ton, the four acts are about to present the genre diversity the electro label, which celebrated its fifth anniversary last year, is known for. From the power station to the steel giants – Melt! is looking forward to a reunion with Ostgut Ton.
More announcements
If you have been longing for more guitar-driven sounds to be announced, well, here you go: The Drums will be playing their only festival show at Melt!, and so will the indie legends of SwansIron and Wine’s performance promises to be a truly intense experience as much as the gig of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. With Foster The People, we have another Melt! office top tip for you.
crystal castlesWe are also looking forward to the appearances of Crystal CastlesFM Belfast, the Le Tigre spin-off MEN, the return ofDananananaykroyd, and Planningtorock, who will be performing her spectacular new album W (20th May/Cooperative Music). Also on the bill: Ben Drew a.k.a. Plan B, who will arrive from the UK with a little Motown feel in tow. After a bit of a Melt! break, we are looking forward to the return of DJ Koze.
For all of you waiting for hardpaper tickets to be available, here they are! as of now, hardpaper tickets will be available via our website as well as in selected ticket shops as of next week.
Infos about the Melt! pre-party on Thursday, 14th July, all info regarding Melt! Train and other travel and hotel packages as well as the last 20 or so acts will be subject of our next press release.
Everyone hesitating to buy a ticket for this year’s Melt! should know that more than half of our tickets are sold.
All newly confirmed acts
Anstam | Apparat Band | Beady Eye | Crystal Castles | Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka | Dananananaykroyd | The Drums | FM Belfast | Foster The People | Iron and Wine | Nicolas Jaar (live) | DJ Koze | MEN | Ostgut Ton Special: Marcel Dettmann, Ben Klock, Marcel Fengler, Barker & Baumecker (live) | Phon.o | Planningtorock | Plan B | Rusko | Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros | Siriusmo | Swans | Jamie Woon |
All confirmed acts so far
Âme (live) | Anstam | Apparat Band | Atari Teenage Riot | Beady Eye | Bodi Bill | Gui Boratto | Boys Noize Bpitch @ Sleepless Floor: Ellen Allien, Kiki, Chaim, Skinnerbox | Brandt Brauer Frick | Busy P | Carte Blanche | Clock Opera | Console | Carl Craig & Radio Slave B2B | Crystal Castles | Crystal Fighters | Cut Copy | DAF | Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka | Dananananaykroyd | Dial Records pres. Lawrence, John Roberts u. a. | Digitalism (live) | DJ T. | The Drums | Errors | Everything Everything | FM Belfast | Foster The People | Gold Panda | Guy Gerber | Calvin Harris | Housemeister | Iron and Wine | Isolée | Nicolas Jaar (live) | Junior Boys (live) | Junip | Fritz Kalkbrenner | Paul Kalkbrenner | Katy B | Markus Kavka | The Koletzkis | DJ Koze | Les Savy Fav | Little Dragon | Live At Robert Johnson @ Sleepless Floor: Roman Flügel, Arto Mwambe, Oliver Hafenbauer, Gerd Janson, Manuel Raven  | Loco Dice | M.A.N.D.Y. | MEN | Metronomy | Miss Kittin | Modeselektor present Melt! Selektor | Monarchy | The Naked And Famous | Ostgut Ton Special: Marcel Dettmann, Ben Klock, Marcel Fengler, Barker & Baumecker (live) | Phon.o | Planningtorock | Plan B | Proxy | Pulp | Robyn | Rusko | SBTRKT (live) | Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros | Siriusmo | Sizarr (live) | Sizarr Soundsystem | The Streets | Swans | Tensnake | Total Confusion B2B2B – Tobias Thomas, Michael Mayer & Superpitcher | Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs | White Lies | Jamie Woon |
3-day ticket valid for Friday, Saturday and Sunday:
EUR 104 plus booking fee and EUR 5 garbage deposit
There will be no 1- or 2-day tickets availabe for Melt! 2011.
In the price included are camping and parking (from Thursday 15.07. 01:00pm until Monday, 19.07. 03:00pm).
Tickets and Infos available under only.

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