Sunrise Celebration 2011 Update

This year’s event sees the most diverse musical line-up yet throughout our 12 stages, and the launch of the new Sunrise Stage, featuring exciting new acts and some old faves, along with Circus acts and wild pyro-antics.
So far lineup includes:
 The Beat, Johnny Flynn and The Sussex Wit, Orb Soundsystem, System 7, Shpongle – DJ set, Eat Static – DJ set, Far Too Loud, Banco De Gaia, The Soothsayers feat. ‘Fela’ Horns, The Travelling Band, and we have even more really exciting headliner announcements coming up soon…..
Speakers include Graham Hancock, Jonathan Cainer, Mark Boyle, Charlie Veitch, Charles Dowding and Tamsin Omond.
For 2011 the theme is ‘time-travellers’, with a steampunk feel to the carnival antics especially at the new, quirky and eccentric ‘Feast of Fools Victorian Emporium’, presented by Bloodstone, The Guild of Traditional Showmen, European Artists & Craftsfolk who travel the land performing in their handmade Victorian Market, ‘The Feast of Fools’ spectacular will be portraying ‘1000 Years of Albion …from the Kingdoms of Ancient Britain through the Empire of Victorian England…….to the Rocking & Rolling reality of the United Kingdom today!’
Also new this year is the Forest Garden Area and Deep Ecology Yurt, joining the usual all activating and inspiring program in the Village Green and Transition Tin Village.
All of this, as ever, powered on 100% renewable energy
Tickets £108 in advance/£125 on the gate (if they are available)


Sunrise Stage:  The Beat, System 7, Johnny Flynn and The Sussex Wit, Juldeh Camara and Justin Adams, Soothsayers Feat. ‘Fela’ Horns, Sheelanagig, The Travelling Band,  Seize The Day, Zubzub, Avalonian Free State Choir, MC Xander.

Chai Wallahs: Dizraeli and The Small Gods, The Boxettes, Joe Driscoll, Afrik Bawantu, Yes Sir Boss, Rackabeat & Bar-low, Zen Elephant, Resonators, Only Joe, Free Piece,  Jono McCleery, Submotion Orchestra, Tin Roots, East Park Reggae Collective, Extra Curricular, The Peoples String Foundation,  Backbeat Soundsytem, Siddy Bennet,  Phillip Henry, Coco’s Lovers, The Whiskey Drifters, Mankala Mbuende Band, Leigh Coleman, The Asbo Disco, Skuff & Inja, DJ Moneyshot, DJ Parker.

Dance stage: Orb Soundsystem, Mirror System, Tristan, Laughing Buddha, Shpongle- DJ set, Eat Static- DJ set, Far Too Loud, Banco De Gaia, James Monro, Major Clanger, George Barker, Hedflux, Slackbaba, Tron, Manasseh, Ekanta, DJ Moon, Lucas, Liquid Ross, OOOD, Zub Zub- DJ set, Pieman, Gio, Trevor P, Wicki, Aliji, Jody Opuspocus, Sally, Razzek, Katie G, BRSS (Bridgewater Reggae Soundsystem).

Chill out stage: Entheogenic, Terra Nine, Northcore, Nova, Solar Quest, Nick Interchill, Chandrananda, Robin Triskele, Bez23, Steve Kundalini, Irish Faery, Red Earth, Ben Crystal, Fluid, Nigel Photon, Chillion, Toulliche.

Pussyfoot Cabaret Lounge: The Ones, The Mad Cows, DJ Poshratz, The Duckworths, DJ Si Goodgroove, The Blackstar Liners, Rae, Jump Mama

Ancient Futures:  Hosted by ‘Portal For The Immortal’
“Everything from Entheogens & shamanic journeys to Visionary art & the history of LSD”
Speakers: David Luke (Psychoactives, psychic ability & the pineal gland),
Andy Letcher (Making Sense of Magic Mushrooms),
Luke Brown (A true visionary view of reality),
Andy Roberts (The History of LSD),
Benjamin Crystal (Amazonian Shamanism & the Treesource foundation),
Tony Wright (Left in the Dark),
Louis Standon (drug use & abuse in the western world),
Rita Hraiz.
Music: Live acoustic music to include: Ravi Ji, Adrian Freedman, Shimshai, The overtone Project, Jack Jennings, Green, Ifly, Rashid Sunny Winter, Allen Morgan.

Carnival of Life: Read My Hips dance space- “a diverse selection of global dance workshops and jams designed specifically to make you shake, stomp, wiggle and writhe with colour, rhythm and raw energy.”
Pan African dance, african drumming,  Bollywood and Bhangra boogies, Tribal fusion bellydance,Ka-Zimba,hiphop, capoeira, middle eastern and gypsy steps,samba, columbian drumming and salsa…
Plus dance and drum jams.

Bloodstone’s Feast of Fools Emporium (presents): ‘1000 Years of Albion’, Edutainment about the Past for the Future. The Guild of Traditional Showmen ~ European Artists & Craftsfolk with a handmade Victorian Market.
‘With a reel and a rant and a right proper knees-up we bring to life the spirit of Merry England!’. Tricksters &  Tattooists,  Urchins & Candy Floss girls, tarts and tramps,  Sweeney Todd’s pie shop,  the Honeymoon Tavern, Folk Ceilidh,  Vaudeville Musicians,  Jazz Bands,  the Shambolic Sideshow,  Ravers & Ranters,  Showtime each night- Flaming Dance& Beating Drum, Cockney Knees-up with Merrymakers Music Hall, Johnny Cage & the Voodoo Groove & the Hoochie Coochie Girls 54, white lies, wicked fibs & shaggy dog fables.
Music: MC Daniel Herlakin, Merrymakers Music Hall, Come into my Parlour, Johnny Cage & the Voodoo Groove, The Idler Book Shop, Chicken Shed Zeppelin, Pentacle Drummers

Universal Mysteries (Huw): Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval (author of ‘The Orion Mystery’),  Lucy Wyatt (author of ‘Approaching Chaos’),  Jonathon Cainer (Daily Mail astrologer), Hugh Newman (author of ‘Earth Grids’), Litmus (‘Freeman on the land’), Ashera Hart (‘Sonic Stuff’), Peter Knight (‘West Kennet Mysteries’), Shaun Kirwan.

Tin Village/Speakers Corner (AKA The Green Dome):  inspiring talks and workshops during the day and cinema by night, all powered by V3 power, “find the inspiration to get active and rethink a positive future”
Tamsin Omond – Climate Rush (Activism)
Charlie Veitch – The Love Police – & The Kindness Offensive (Activism)
Mark Boyle- The Moneyless Man (Activism)
Bryce Gilroy-Scott – GSE at CAT (Green Innovations workshops)
Bridget Strawbridge – Its not easy being Green  
Charles Dowding – Organic Gardener/Author
Paul Capel – “Cradle to Cradle inspired” -(Green Innovations workshops)
Mark Standeven – (Green Innovations workshops)

Kids Area: The same as last time but more… arts & crafts, skateboarding, climbing wall…

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