Pendulum, Paolo Nutini, The Stranglers and more for FIB 2011

The Stranglers
Formed in 1974, The Stranglers suffered an initial alienation from the press just as other pub-rock classic bands such as Eddie & The Hot Rods or the Tom Robinson Band were. However, their approach was different and they proved it with the publication of their first two albums: ‘Rattus Norvegicus’ and ‘No More Heroes’. Two virtuous punk-rock classics with a progressive touch thanks to the personal and virtuous solos and riffs of Dave Greenfield’s keyboard. From that moment on, the band developed a notorious discography full of great classics and great moments such as the mentioned albums and the essential ‘La Folie’.
Drum ‘n’ Bass and an electronic Rock shape up the Australian band– although currently based in the UK – Pendulum. The band came together in 2002 in Perth thanks to Rob Swire and Gareth McGillen but also counting with DJ Paul ‘El Hornet’ Harding’s help. Their frenetic discography started with the single ‘Trail of Sevens’ in 2003 and, from that moment on, have published 20 singles, a live album – ‘Live at Brixton Academy’ (2009) and three studio albums, the last one being ‘Inmersion’ (2010). Their flaming live shows have placed them among the best electronic shows of the moment.
Paolo Nutini
Scottish singer and songwriter Paolo Nutini energetically burst into the British Pop scene thanks to his harsh and subtle voice and a bunch of great compositions that made up his debut album ‘These Streets’. ‘Jenny Don’t be Hasty’, ‘Last Request’ and ‘These Streets’ show his pop-rock excellencies. In 2009 he published ‘Sunny Side Up’, album which confirms Nutini as one of the most promising British soloists.
The Juan MacLean
The Juan McLean is the artistic name of North American John McLean, whose career in DFA Records started a while after having finished with his band Six Finger Satellite, thanks to the insistence of James Murphy – LCD Soundsystem. McLean published his first album, ‘Less Than Human’ back in 2005.
Congotronics Vs Rockers
Name under which a first class lineup with international projection is hosted, Congotronics Vs Rockers have universal representation from Congo to Sweden. For FIB 2011, they’ll present a proposal that unites tradition and vanguard on equal quantities. Formed by Konono No.1 (DR of Congo), Deerhoof (US), Kasai Allstars (DR of Congo), Juana Molina (Arg), Wildbirds & Peacedrums (Swe) and Skeletons (US).
Professor Greenprofessor green
Stephen Paul Maderson, aka MC Professor Green got Mike Skinner’s (The Streets) attention thanks to his disrespectful lyrics. The Beast – Skinner’s label – launched his first works becoming part of the label’s payroll until it had to close in 2008. In 2010 he published his first album ‘Alive Till I’m Dead’.
Atom Rhumba
Bilbao band Atom Rhumba will debut in FIB with their recently published album ‘Gargantuan Melee’. Rober!’s band now returns after a break induced by all sorts of difficulties, to give continuity to the great ‘Backbone ritmo’ and rock’n’roll influenced by Tony Joe, The Gun Club or The Scientists.
The Morning Benders
California based The Morning Benders – and particularly the main composer, guitarist and Singer, Chris Chu – have Phil Spector and The Beach Boys engraved in their bones transmitting beach, sun, sand and ‘echo’ in every beat. The title of their second album ‘Big Echo’ is a declaration of intentions in which the outstanding ‘Excuses’ shines with a light of its own. A final mention dedicated to those passionate for the ‘Wall of Sound’; the unbeatable ‘Delicatessen’.
Jack Beats
Jack Beats is British duo Niall Dailly (also in The Scratch Perverts) and Ben Geffin (The Mixologists). From the moment they came together back in 2007, they’ve become a must see of the British club scene.
Jerry Fish & The Mudbug Club
Singer Gerard Whelan led, during part of the 90’s, Dublin’s band An Emotional Fish; who saw their first two single published by Mother, label owned by U2. In 2002, Gerard formed Jerry Fish & The Mudbug Club. A project in which pop, jazz and lounge cohabit in a natural way. They’ve published two albums: ‘Be Yourself’ in 2002 and ‘The Beautiful Untrue’ in 2009.
Zombie Zombie
The French electronic duo and fans of first generation analog keyboards and horror movies, Zombie Zombie, is formed by Etienne Jaumet (keyboard) and Cosmic Neman (drums). They debuted in 2006 with the EP ‘Zombie Zombie’ and had their first album, ‘A Land for Renegades’ published by 2008. Their last album up-to-date ‘Plays John Carpenter’ includes 5 tracks for five classic moments of American director and creator of “Halloween”, among which ‘Halloween’ and ‘The Thing’ stand out.
O Emperor
Are a quintet from Waterford (Ireland) whose debut album, and the only one they’ve published up to date, ‘Hither Thither’ (2010) was placed among the first places in sales in their country. As the band says, this album could’ve been recorded in California back in 1968, although there are nu-folk, post-rock and ‘indie’ elements in it that give their contemporary influences away. From our point of view, ‘Hither Thither’ is a marvel that includes jewels such as ‘Don’t Mind Me’, in which Feet Foxes and Grizzly Bear blend together naturally.
Young Louis Jones is the name behind the Spectrals and ‘Extended Play’ (2010), title of his only published work up to date. Reverberating and crystalline guitars with a 60’s vocation and joyous pop melodies are the main ingredients of Jones’ magical recipe. Tracks such as ‘Peppermint’ or ‘7th Date’ won’t leave any good pop music lover indifferent.
And So I Watch You From Afar
Irish quartet based in Belfast And So I Watch from Afar, came together in 2005 and between 2007 and 2009 they published 3 EP’s and a homonymous album. Jonathan Adger (The Bearded Dragon), Rory Friers (The Chip), Tony Wright (The Grounded Pounder) and Chris Wee (The Big) create, an intense, instrumental rock somewhere between post-rock, hardcore and metal.
The 1945
The 1945, previously known as Three Times Daily, is a young pop-rock combo from the south of London that is currently working on publishing their second album ‘I Know’.

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