Boomtown Fair update

Boomtown Fair is unlike any other festival: The legend of Boomtown tells it was once a small but prosperous retreat now changed into a land of lawless rebels, with only the town official’s to uphold its former glory. 2011 sees a new chapter to the Boomtown story with the opening of previously undiscovered areas, with fresh tales waiting to be unleashed. The Town Officials have decided to give the town centre an upgrade with bigger buildings, bigger bands and even louder sound!
The original handful of destitute streets that spider-web their way through Boomtown have been continuously growing, giving rise to exciting new areas; May-fair Avenue,  Old Town and Bassline Circus.
May-fair Avenue is a far more elegant part of town, along its winding streets run deluxe casinos where dreams can and will come true! May-Fair Avenue also offers an eclectic array of luxurious restaurants offering diverse cuisine, suave gentlemen’s clubs which turn a little debauched as the nights stretch on and bespoke shopping for the slightly heavier of wallet.
‘Old Town’ has never before been opened to the public as the buildings are ancient andboomtown fair main stage 2010 decaying… In the more habitable buildings, the town officials have set up old school bars and disco’s playing music from the 1950’s onwards; continuing in this vein, traditional cafés and bingo venues have also been implemented to keep the raucous elders at bay!
Bassline circus, be prepared for heavy electro, bassline grime and dubstep integrated with death defying circus performances. Astounding acts and musical mayhem will amaze and daze and flip and trip you inside out.
This is el Barrio Bassline, where Rave is the law and you will obey…
Also for the first time in Boomtown history the gates will be opening on a Thursday where you can roam around the campsites to get your Boomtown bearings whilst enjoying a light sprinkling of musical entertainment in a selection of the smaller venues on the outskirts of the town.
In addition to the new areas, first acts announced and extended site opening, Boomtown is pleased to welcome back the great Invisible Circus, who are promising to be even more mental than ever! Now to be housed in Old Town the internationally renowned circus troupe will be hitting the town with huge street performances, dozens of new sideshows and all out outrageous death defying acrobatics.  Also on board for 2011 are the legendary Mutiod Waste Company who will becovering the site with their warped vehicles and scrap metal sculptures.
The Mayor and town officials are managing to just about maintain control of Boomtown’s ever-growing expansion but don’t expect this to last long. The rebels have since left Downtown Boomtown and have started infiltrating the rest of the city promoting debauchery and disdain, and by the time the next annual Fair kicks off expect hell to once again resurface on the streets of Boomtown!
Super early bird tickets go on sale 1st February priced at the ridiculous amount of £63! These sold out in record time last year so be speedy and don’t miss out!
Date: Thursday11th – Sunday 14th August 2011
Location: Secret location TBA, less than 1hr from London
Ticket Price: 
Super Early bird weekend camping: £63
Early Bird weekend camping: £75
Full Weekend: £93 

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