Your Festival Camping Checklist!


With more and more festivals now releasing their event line ups and tickets for this summer, it's officially time to start getting excited about the festival season ahead.

To make sure you’re fully prepared for camping this year, we spoke with specialist camping suppliers Outdoor World to find out the essential kit you’ll need to survive festival camping this summer!


When it comes to picking the perfect festival tent, bigger is certainly better. Your tent is a lot more than just a place to sleep, you also need room to store clothing, food and drink, and with the British weather, it may also end up being an shelter from the rain. Be sure to pick a high quality tent that ticks all of the above boxes and is most importantly, is quick and easy to set up and take down.

Sleeping Bag
Even if you’re attending a festival at the height of British summer, temperatures are sure to still drop of an evening and a sleeping bag is essential for getting a good, comfortable and warm night’s sleep. Take a look at sleeping bags that include secure pockets to store your valuables eg. Your money and mobile phone, and we also suggest purchasing a sleeping mat to improve your comfort throughout the festival.

Camping Mallet
Essential for ensuring your tent stays put throughout the festival, we suggest purchasing a plastic camping mallet, perfect for securing your tent but also keeping your supplies lights and easy to carry. Plastic Camping Mallets are available from only 50p online at Outdoor World.

Camp chairs

This may not seem like an essential, but after a couple of days sleeping and sitting on the hard ground, your camp chairs will feel like the height of luxury. Be sure to purchase camp chairs that are easy to carry and pack away at the end of the festival, and enough to chairs for everyone to sit comfortable at the event.

Night-time light source

Have you ever tried to set up a tent at night without any light at all?  If so, you will know how important it is to be prepared and take a good light source with you. We suggest purchasing a lantern over a torch, as this will sit upright on the floor or base of your tent, or hang from the ceiling thanks to the extremely handy hook, and will light the area in an ambient fashion as opposed to the directional beam lighting of a torch. Lanterns start from only £9.99 online at  

Cooler Box
Don’t leave home without this item! Keeping your food and drink fresh and cold for the duration of the festival will ensure you’re fed, watered and ready to have fun. Cooler boxes can be pretty heavy to carry, especially when filled with all your essentials for the festival, therefore we suggest purchasing either a wheeled cooler box which you can pull along, or a cooler bag which lightweight and easy to carry.

Toilet Roll

We know it seems obvious, but you’d be amazed how many people turn up at festivals without this essential. Festival toilet roll may seem in high supply on the first day, but by day two it will be long gone, and you will be thankful for the spare toilet rolls you brought along in your trusty backpack.

For more camping essentials, visit and remember, the most important tip is to have fun, stay safe and enjoy yourself this summer!


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