The Kills and Calexico set for Paredes de Coura

On the 16th of August, The Kills, formed by the duo Jamie Hince / Alison Mosshart, will be back to the stage where the band made their Poruguese live debut. The brand new album under their belt, “Blood Pressures”, is being described by Hince as “an album about relationships”, so a very intense show is expected – also because Mosshart declared “I have to play this album live to understand its real meaning”.

The seducing dynamic in The Kills’ albums is formed by complicity and discord. The pair challenge each other in an everlasting “battle of the sexes” that takes another dimension on the live arena. The Kills shows are always a very special moment with the audience where the physical barrier of the stage vanishes. We will witness this at Vodafone Paredes de Coura.

To play on 17th of August, the performance of Joey Burn and John Convertino’s band, Calexico, has been confirmed. The band has lots of new stuff to show to the Portuguese audience after not having performed in the country for a long time. Joey Burn told the Metro journalist (and bloger at Aqueles dias de parĂ³dia) Bruno Martins: “We’ve never played in a Portuguese festival before, but we’d really love to play one that takes place in the North… Vodafone Paredes de Coura”. Their last album “Algiers” confirms the band as the makers of their own sound, out of any musical style or scene. A soundtrack to the torrid and dusty landscape where North America and Mexico meet and ignore frontiers. There is country, mariachis, meditation, party in Calexico’s music.

In the recording of “Algiers” Calexico searched for new frontiers just to overcome them: They moved to New Orleans. And there, they discovered Haiti, Cuba and Africa, bringing them to the album. After two decades as a band, Calexico is now revitalised, even with more freedom. something worth on (re)discovering at Vodafone Paredes de Coura.

Vodafone Paredes de Coura festival lineup details

New Musical Express considered Toy to be one of the bands to follow in 2012 and for Guardian their debut album “Toy” is "excellent … sounds like a jam session in the late 80's / early 90's between Stereolab, Pulp and Felt …".

The first single "Left Myself Behind" was followed by "Motoring", the perfect soundtrack for a road trip on the way to Coura. Toy have played in several British festivals last summer and were invited to support Primal Scream’s concerts in Scotland.

Omara "Bombino" Moctarin, is also confirmed to play the Vodafone mainstage on 14th August. Bombino’s new album will be launched in 2013, produced by Dan Auerbach, frontman of the Black Keys. Descending from the Berbers of Northern Africa, Bombino was born in Niger near Agadez. He spent much of his life in the desert, looking after animals while playing guitar inspired by Jimi Hendrix or Mark Knopfler.